Vishal Enterprise

Mud Engineering Services



Vishal Enterprise provides mud logging services along with other services. We are currently working closely with ONGC Mehsana, providing them Mud Chemist for mud logging at their site. To save cost, during drilling exploration wells, we provide clients with real time drilling information.

Geological Functions

We provide services for geological and formation evaluation based on continuous cuttings description, fluorescence testing and analysis of Chromatograph and total gas readings,  monitoring of the drilling operation, detection and reaction to any critical changes in drilling parameters, which helps in early detection of potential problems. Comprehensive information on formation pore pressure, fracture gradients and hydraulics information is made available to provide further technical assistance. A record of bit usage and cost is made with the compilation of a final well report.

Surface Data Measurement

Measurement and data pertaining to depth, bit location, rate of penetration, hookload, weight on bit, RPM, rotary torque, pump pressure, casing pressure, pump-strokes, pit volumes, flow rate, mud weight and mud temperature is recorded and made available to personnel for further analysis.