Vishal Enterprise

Chemical Injection (Dosing) Pump


Fluid conditioning plays a fundamental role in flow management that ensures optimal production rates and sustainable pipeline integrity. By careful and controlled injection of chemicals or agents like corrosion inhibitors and Drag Reducing Agents (DRAs), uninterrupted, peak throughput can be achieved from a fluid transport infrastructure. Very expensive, long-chain polymers that are extremely sensitive to fluid shearing when conveyed by mechanical equipment are found in the composition of many of these chemicals or agents.

Careful metering and precise injections of these agents provides guarding against the attack of corrosive salts and microorganisms into the internal surface of the pipe wall. Vishal Enterprise ensures that the Chemical Injection equipment provided is capable of passively handling these fluids without damaging the stability of the polymers and achieving maximum operational profitability.

Vishal Enterprise provides Chemical Injection Pumps that will reliable and will provide the fluid transport infrastructure with all the resistance against any unfavorable conditions which becomes quite essential in the remote and unmanned areas.